Pinkathon ‘Kolhapur’ is  4 months old group formed in July 2018.  Basically, I started running in late 2017’s Diwali as a practice for upcoming 10K run registration done for Ruggedian & Lokmat Marathon in 2018 early held in my City.   Myself Mrs. Aarati S. Sanghvi wife of Industrialist Mr. S.N.Sanghvi.  He is cross – sports fitness freak active in to various forms i.e. Running, Swimming, Yoga, Cycling, Gym, Stretching daily 60 min.  he gives to himself without fail.  He put all of us in 5K run in 2017.  This year he put us in 10K.  Thus we had to practice mildly.  After 2 months of mild practice we a group of 20 -30 family friends participated in above 2 events.  To everyone surprise I stood 2nd in my category in 10K run at Ruggedian run with a timing of 55 min.  I am only 38 years age.  Besides running I also do Swimming, Yoga, Gym, i.e. daily 60 min. to exercises.  Mother of 3 Kids, I give a me –time to my family rest of day .  My Husband Shitalkumar has regular trips to Mumbai and few of his friends are regular runners.  Later he was a member of Pinkathon and DYRT Group on FB.   Here Madam Kranti Salvi (Mumbai) Elite –Runner got introduced to him.

When he shared my timings and sports workout to Kranti Mam later in June 18, she introduced Pinkathon to we Kolhapuries and with no. 2nd thought we instantly accepted the proposal.  We friends; myself, Sumitra, Geeta, Rupali, Vaishali, Manjiri formed this group with 6 BA’s.  Every Saturday we began with workout such as Yoga, Running, Mediation, Gym, walking, Diet –chit/chat etc.  Initially in 1st month July ‘50’ of ladies have now touched ‘200’.  Plus post Pinkathon the tally has touched 300 plus.  The count is daily rising and we plan to touch 500 try March 2019.  PInkathon day, i.e. 21st Oct.’ we had to limit registration at count ‘200’ becoz booking was open to us only for ‘10’ days ( late info.)

Still, the event was a grand success and news, media, press, banners, What’s –app group all ever there new a hype craze, fever among Kolhapur Women.  Next year without marketing we are sure to touch a fig. of ‘1000’ plus and if we conduct plan well in advance then count will further rise too.  There is growing popularity not only in women but even among kids and Husbands.  ‘Fit Women ‘4’ Fit families’ is the Mantra. And Tagline by all here is ; “Stay Fit – Don’t Quit” Initially, we formed 2 groups, i.e. 6 BA’s- Ladies who looked after booking, kit collect and distribute, money matters.  2nd group was we 6 BA’s, Hubby gents who looked after venue selection, permissions, sound system, banners, Eateries i.e. Water, Juice, Fruits distribution, photoshoot.  This way we could smoothly manage the things.  We had selected the venue ‘University Campus – Shivaji University and it is located on higher attitude thus weather is cosy now a day plus morning 6 a.m.  We get fresh OZONE layer to Breath Clean O2.  The track is 0 Traffic, 0 Pollution located in natures lops with pure feeling.  All participates enjoyed every bit of run.  We had 30 Volunteers, 20 on track 2K, 3K, 5K and 10 at starting / ending line for MISC activities.  The event was grand success covered on B-News too.  All Lokmat, Pudhari, Sakal, Mata, Tarun Bharat appreciated our cause towards women and kids fitness. “Har Ghar Mein Pinkathon” is our Motto.  We join hands with Pinkathon- India and are pretty sure to make it ‘1 lac’ ladies runners Pan India next year thus a Guinness record .  This event should go across 15 countries, 150 Cities, 500 Groups easily.  In 2020 year 5 lac runners is quite possible too.  We ladies of Kolhapur are feeling proud plus acknowledge our thanks to founder Mr. Milind Somanji and office becomes of ‘Pinkathon’

In the event a 3rd stage Cancer patient Mam also successfully did @ 5 km. run on 21st Oct.’18.