Guidelines & Mandates For Pinkathon Day 3.0


  • Nominating a location
    1. Location can be formed anywhere in the city.  
    2. The lead must nominate their location for Pinkathon Day 2020. The locations that conducted Pinkathon Day 2019 are also required to nominate their location for this year.
    3. There can be only one location in radius of 3 km. The lead must be staying within 3km of nominated location.
    4. The route of two nearby location cannot overlap. However, if two locations wishes to club together and conduct the event together at a single location then they can do that, provided they have permissions from the local authority for the gathering.
    5. Locations can also decide mutually and conduct the event at the same location at different times over the weekend. For eg, three locations A,B and C from a city has only one location to conduct the event. They can decide mutually different timing for the event. Location A can conduct on Saturday Morning, Location B conducts on Sunday morning and Location C conducts on Sunday evening.
    6. A new location can be registered if they have any existing leads as their mentors. Incase they don’t have one then they can write to us and Pinkathon team will appoint a mentor ambassador to them. 
    7. You can nominate your location by visiting
  • Registration
    1. Registrations will be open from 1st August 2020 for individual women and also for families.  Ambassadors should ensure that when families are registering, the women from the family are also included.
    2. Men cannot register as individuals but only as part of a family.
    3. If a location lead does not wish to have men participating, the Pinkathon team must be informed to close registration for men for that location.
    4. Registration fee is INR 300 for all Indian Locations. Fee is inclusive of taxes. Overseas applicants will have to pay additional cost for logistics. Incase Overseas Location Lead wishes to collect the shipment from Mumbai then logistics fee won’t be charged to participants.
    5. Registration fee cannot be increased or decreased by a location lead. It will be Rs 300 all inclusive, for all Indian locations.
    6. Location leads should encourage/help participants to register online.
    7. Only the official offline forms must be used for offline registration.
    8. Registration fee for Indian locations are same for offline and online registrations. 
    9. Offline registrations will close on 15th September. Leads will have to submit the photos of the form on the google drive shared by USF team on or before the end date of offline registration. No offline forms will be accepted after 30th September.
    10. Locations accepting offline registration must deposit the registration fees to Pinkathon account details provided on or before 20th September. The t shirts and medals to location will only be dispatched once the complete registration fees is deposited by the lead.
    11. Online registrations will close on 30th September.
    12. Each location must have minimum of 20 registrations.
    13. Location leads can ask us to close registrations at any time, if they wish, for their location.
  • Pre-Event
    1. A 3km route must be identified. Location lead can also take a call to keep multiple distance for the participants. It would not be advisable to opt for a distance more than 10 km.
    2. The route identified must be reasonably free of traffic on Sundays, keeping in view participant experience, safety and ease of route management.
    3. Create a team of minimum 5 people, that you trust, to help you.
    4. Local NGO’s and running groups can officially associate with Pinkathon Day in any particular location and also help with applying for permissions if required. Logos of running group/NGO can be carried as official local partners in the event.
    5. Keep the number of participants low for ease of management and also so that there is no requirement for permissions. USF recommends keeping the participant number per location under 50.
    6. Pinkathon will send you an official press release in case you wish to involve the media. 
  • Event
    1. Find a route that is safe, clean and reasonably free of traffic.
    2. Pinkathon Day is not a race. Leads may identify multiple routes to run/walk more or less than 3 km, as per their wish.
    3. Pinkathon will send an official flag, please keep it safe.
    4. Plan to engage at least 15 volunteers to help with participant management, on route assistance, cheering and medal distribution.
    5. Brief your team and volunteers to be helpful and encouraging to all participants.
    6. Complete distribution of tee shirts latest by 30th October.
    7. Make it a self-supported run. Advise the participants to carry their own water bottles, and to refrain from littering. The event should create as little waste as possible.
    8. All precautions as to the COVID situation need to be followed by the lead while conducting the event as set by local authorities.
    9. Depending on coronavirus situation, Location lead can also opt for conducting the Pinkathon Day at home and chose any challenge which they want their location’s participants to complete. Pinkathon will also suggest the drills or activities which can be conducted at home. Location lead can opt to include the challenge from these drills.
    10. Locations with more than 200 participants must start an event page on Facebook. All the event related information/updates must be posted on the event page. Its not mandatory for the locations with less than 200 participants to create the event page on facebook, however they must create a whtsapp group with all the participants and post all the event related information/updates on that whatsapp group.
    11. Upload all event pictures to event page, use the correct hashtags and tag Pinkathon and Pinkathon Day


  1. All precautions as to the COVID situation need to be followed by the lead while conducting the event as set by local authorities.
  2. Ambassadors should use the creatives and hashtags provided by the Pinkathon team while posting about the event and tag Pinkathon Day.  
  3. All the collaterals/posters/banners if printed must be approved by Pinkathon Team before printing.
  4. Location leads must use only the official Pinkathon Day forms.
  5. Location lead can tie up with running group/NGO to conduct the run and get the necessary permissions for the event if required. Logos of running group/NGO can be carried as official local partners in the event. Logos of their sponsors will not be allowed.
  6. Do not involve any commercial brands in the event.
  7. Do not involve any political party in the event.
  8. Logos of commercial brand/political party cannot be carried in any of the Pinkathon Day collaterals/posters/banners/etc.
  9. Do not distribute any sample products of any commercial brands to participants.
  10. No stall space to display products of any commercial brands to be put up in the event.
  11. No banners of any commercial brands/political parties are allowed in the event.  
  12. Each location must have a minimum of 20 participants and maximum 50 participants


  1. If the lead wishes to raise funds for the event through their corporate contacts, then it must be routed through an NGO as a donation. Branding space can be offered to the corporate at the event.
  2. If the lead wishes to raise funds through association with an NGO then the Pinkathon team will draft the requisite letter to the NGO.
  3. Lead must identify an NGO who will be listed as NGO partners of Pinkathon Day after due diligence check by our Philanthropy partner United Sisters Foundation.
  4. All the funds can be raised only via the listed NGO for that location.
  5. Out the raised funds 10% of the amount will go to USF as commission fee, 40% to the listed NGO and rest of 50% funds can be used for event.
  6. Lead must submit the expense detail to USF for approval before using funds for the event. 
  7. Post event audit of the expense will be done by NGO as well as USF team. Lead must keep all the bills of the expense.