Guidelines for Ambassadors

Dear Ambassadors, we have decided to propose some Ambassador guidelines that will need to be followed by all Pinkathon Ambassadors across the world. The USF Team recognizes that each Ambassador is volunteering and donating time, skills and efforts. These guidelines have been created as a broad and clear structure for the growing number of Ambassadors under the Pinkathon umbrella, to ensure that all interaction for Pinkathon matters is in the spirit of mutual collaboration and respect. The guidelines will also make it easier to counter or avoid any misunderstandings, conflict and discord that is bound to arise amongst such a rapidly growing and diverse group.

We are all aware of why Pinkathon was created and what it stands for, and each one of you, according to your capacity, has done some amazing work.

We urge you to read these DRAFT GUIDELINES carefully, and we look forward to your queries and suggestions that might make them clearer and more effective. Send them to us at and remember that though the guidelines concern you all most closely, it is the women who have placed themselves in your care who will be most positively benefited in the long term, if we follow these guidelines in letter and in spirit.

Inputs from you will be collated over the next 48 hours, and further to that, will be posted on the Pinkathon website.

Happy Running!!!!

How to nominate a new Ambassador.

  • Any Ambassador on due evaluation can nominate a new Ambassador.
  • A mentor should check the background and capability of a person before nominating them. The responsibility of the new Ambassador’s behaviour, performance and contribution to the cause rests with the mentor Ambassador.
  • If nominated by one Ambassador, a nominee cannot be nominated by another Ambassador for the time period she/he is under the mentorship of the nominating Ambassador.
  • Nominated Ambassadors may not be in a position to lead training groups independently, but their work in different spaces such as social media, corporate workshops, counselling, networking, writing, design etc. might be important to the community. The reason for Ambassador nomination must be clearly stated at the time of nomination for consideration by the committee.
  • The nominated people should remain in a communication sub group formed by the mentor Ambassador for a period of 6 months. A nominee group cannot have more than 10 nominees at any given time.
  • In these 6 months the mentor Ambassador will check to her/his own satisfaction whether the confirmation of the nominee as an Ambassador is justified and decide whether the nominee will be assisting in the current location or is capable of starting new one or will play any other role that might be important to the community. The decision of the mentor Ambassador will be final.
  • The nominee will be presented to a specially appointed committee by the mentor Ambassador with a AMBASSADOR NOMINATION FORM provided by the committee stating why the nominee should be accepted as an Ambassadors. The committee will revert with a confirmation or otherwise within a week at its discretion and this decision will be final.
  • All new Ambassadors must ensure their families and friends participate in at least one Pinkathon main event. The number must be a minimum of 20. This is mandatory, Ambassadorship starts at home.
  • The Ambassador t-shirt will be given to the nominated people only after they help with 6 months of continuous Saturday trainings organised by the nominating Ambassador or assistance with Pinkathon events and/or are deemed ready to start their own group and are confirmed by the committee.
  • All Ambassadors should conduct or help training session once a week on a particular day or time, as per the discretion of the Ambassador and will be fixed based on potential of attracting maximum members to the group in that location.

Protocols for Pinkathon Ambassadors and members of training groups.

  • Directives of the Whatsapp group admin to be followed as to purpose of the group, activity expected and behaviour/decorum to be maintained.
  • Ambassadors need to be respectful of each other at all times. Harassment of any kind is not permitted. The USF Team will not tolerate any form of unparliamentary language or subversive/unethical behaviour/actions by any Ambassador against another Ambassador at any time. Any such act may lead to an immediate withdrawal of the Ambassadorship by the USF Team at its sole discretion.
  • NO bad mouthing or argument/instigation of argument by word or image, on either Whatsapp groups or other social media groups is allowed in any manner. Differences should be dealt with one on one by personal messaging or off the groups. Ambassadors who do not respect this guideline and disturb the group will be immediately removed from the group by the group admin at her/his discretion and there will be no requirement for the concerned group admin to provide any reason for the same to the other group members.
  • Ambassadors and group admins should set guidelines for their respective groups on what kind of messages are permitted according to the purpose of the group at the outset. These may be supplemented/changed from time to time.
  • Purpose of the group should be clearly stated by the group admin to which all group members must adhere, so members can work together towards the common cause of Pinkathon.
  • If a group has multiple admins then the directives for the group must come from the admin responsible for group training/event organisation, ie. the local lead Ambassador of the group involved in day to day functioning of the group.
  • The lead Ambassador of the group, with the other working Ambassadors of the training group should be responsible in carrying out the process of aligning the group to the group guidelines. The same lead Ambassador, (with the support of other working Ambassadors if any), shall set up the group  directives/group guidelines.
  • Lead Ambassador can add or remove members of the training group based on the overall wellness and purpose of the group, but keeping the structure confirming to the guidelines (group must include one USF team member and one committee member who is not already part of the group)
  • An Ambassador cannot initiate any legal action against another Ambassador alleging it to be in relation to Pinkathon. In the untoward situation of any such grievance, Ambassadors need to note that the same will be held as a personal issue between the concerned parties. Pinkathon and/or Milind Soman and/or the USF Team cannot and will not be involved in any such matter.
  • No events other than Pinkathon events supported by USF may be promoted on Whatsapp groups. However, Ambassadors may promote other events on their own social media pages.
  • Admin may intimate the group members about a running event on the group if the intent is to encourage participation as a Pinkathon team.
  • Every Pinkathon related WhatsApp group or social media group must have a clear and exclusive location name. Every WhtsApp group must be registered with the USF Team database as well as on the Pinkathon Day website.
  • An Ambassador forming a new training group in any city must take approval from the committee members of that City. In the case of an Ambassador from one city forming a group in another city where no Ambassadors are present, the Ambassador needs to take approval from the Committee.
  • In the case of an Ambassador from one city forming a group in another city where other Ambassadors are present, the Ambassador needs to take approval from the Committee member/s of that city.
  • An Ambassador / nominee Ambassador cannot gain or benefit financially, whether directly or indirectly, through any event/training under the Pinkathon umbrella. Any collateral/gifts/vouchers/goods that may be offered by any third party to any Ambassador for direct use or for use by any training girls can only be accepted after written approval from the USF Team.
  • The cause of Pinkathon is women’s health and empowerment through sport. Written approval must be taken from the USF Team before starting a new campaign on the groups. Apart from online event/campaigns which have already been started by Ambassador Ajit Pathak, if any Ambassador wishes to start any ground event or online event/campaign, they should approach to USF Team for written approval, guidelines and support.
  • Ambassadors are free to take up any causes on their personal social media pages.
  • Outside funding/sponsors for arranging local sessions will not be allowed unless it is without branding. No branding of persons, products, services, political parties or corporates will be allowed at training sessions, anniversary events or any Pinkathon branded events. Only NGO partners, non-profit partner or non profit running groups can have branding if required during events with prior written approval from the USF Team.
  • The Pinkathon logo, name or slogans on any collateral/banner/t- shirt/prize/voucher/medal/trophy or social media page/group cannot be used without an approval from USF Team in writing.
  • Milind Soman’s (or his family members) name or image or reference cannot be used anywhere without his approval in writing.
  • Each Ambassador/nominated Ambassador should create a WORK DONE REPORT and submit it every 6 months to their mentor. Ambassadors who consistently not managing to submit this report within the agreed time frame may receive an alert on personal message from the USF Team so examine if the Ambassador has the required volunteering time to retain their Ambassador title.
  • During the specific city Pinkathon, Ambassadors must attend a minimum of 2 promo events. Any default in the same will be taken seriously by the USF Team.
  • Ambassadors can nominate themselves or their groups for sustainable work with Pinkathon special communities (Visually Impaired Runners, Hearing Impaired Runners, Cancer Survivors, underprivileged women, Old Age Home & BabyWearing Mothers) with the support and guidance of USF.

How to Start a Training Group 

  • Before starting the group in any city, you need to take written approval from the committee member/members of that city.
  • Groups can be formed anywhere, even in a housing complex. Participants must have the freedom to choose whichever group they like according to convenience.
  • Weekly trainings must be held sustainably in all locations
  • No commercial activity or brand promotion will be allowed in a Pinkathon training/event group unless promoted/approved by the USF team.
  • All trainings will be at no charge whatsoever, direct or indirect. In the event a location head/Ambassador believes that a paid training/session needs to be done by an expert, this must immediately be intimated to the USF Team, who will decide on the course to take.
  • Location leads need to be living within 3km of the training location. If they are not local, they need to find, nominate and mentor local location leads. Local location leads will need written approval from the committee if they are not already Ambassadors.
  • At least one member of the USF Team and one member of the committee, excluding members of that particular location group, must be present on every Pinkathon related WhatsApp group or Social Media group, to serve as observers. They will not be active on the group.
  • The main task of observers is vigilance to ensure that the groups and brand Pinkathon are not misused.
  • Brands other than those approved by the USF team cannot be associated with any training group.
  • Basic First Aid kits must be kept ready for each session.
  • Ambassadors / location leads must respect the confidentiality and privacy of the training girls. There should not be any unrequired discussions of any matters that a training girl may have divulged in confidence.
  • Ambassadors / location leads must reasonably ensure that there are no unrequired third parties present during training sessions, as this is a women-centric platform.

How the Committee will be formed

  • The Committee will comprise of Ambassadors from all cities that have 4 or more Ambassadors and at least one ongoing training location that has completed at least 6 months.
  • An Ambassador may be self nominated and nomination must be proposed to the USF team. The USF team will announce the list of nominees for each city and set the number of Committee members from each city.
  • Only Ambassadors who have completed 24 months as a Pinkathon Ambassador can nominate themselves to be part of this committee.
  • A city must have a Municipal Corporation to be recognized as a city. To be represented on the Committee a city must have at least 4 Ambassadors.
  • After being nominated an online voting will be conducted which will decide the committee
  • Committee members will be voted by the Ambassadors of that city.
  • UPTO THREE Ambassadors from a city can be part of this committee. The USF team will decide the number of Committee members from each city.
  • The committee members will change every 2 years. A committee member’s term may be extended by the USF Team to complete any ongoing work at its discretion.
  • There will be a president of the committee voted by the committee members who will direct the committee on forming new policies, guidelines and activities to spread the message of Pinkathon and make the community stronger.
  • Within the committee there will be a core of 5 members who will mediate in case of dispute of any kind.It is reiterated that any personal differences will need to be sorted out individually and respectfully between the concerned parties.
  • Committee members must be ready to give advice and counsel on groups that they will be asked to serve as observers by location leads.
  • A committee member can be an observer on not more than 30 location groups.